Top 12 Seattle Bars with Amazing Mocktails


These are the Top 12 bars in Seattle that I have found that have the best of both worlds – amazing cocktails and mocktails so that everyone can enjoy.


Kamp Social House

A haven with an extensive menu for both dry and damp cocktails, delicious food, and family-friendly vibes. It's definitely my number one spot that has it all!



Crafting 3 non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu and bespoke mocktails for a personalized experience.


Deep Dive

Dive into a steampunk atmosphere with 7 tempting non-alcoholic cocktails to choose from.


Stampede Cocktail Club

Quirky Fremont charm and 5 non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu for a delightful experience.


Charlotte Restaurant & Lounge

Enjoy incredible views along with 3 non-alcoholic cocktails and a variety of shrubs.


Herb & Bitter Public House

Great happy hour options and 3 tempting non-alcoholic cocktails to savor.


Navy Strength

Immerse yourself in a tiki bar vibe with 3 non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu.


Life on Mars

Indulge in 4 non-alcoholic cocktails and a range of other non-alcoholic beverages.


Le Coin

Modern French American cuisine accompanied by 5 tempting non-alcoholic cocktails.


Liberty Bar

Savor sushi and choose from 3 non-alcoholic cocktails along with rotating shrubs.


Eight Row

Experience farm-to-table delights with several non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu.


The Nook

Step into a vintage bar in West Seattle and explore several non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu.



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